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Email - articles and other pieces Peter Hansteen has written

Note: You will find a number of shorter pieces as blog postings over at, and of course there is The Book of PF, the third edition published 2014 (1st edition December 2007) by No Starch Press.

The documents referenced below are samples of stuff I've written on my own initiative (that is, not under contract with anybody) over the years. Some of it is in Norwegian, some in English.

[English] The January 2012 Extra issue of PenTest Magazine contained an email interview with me, supplemented with photographs taken by Vegard Engen (unfortunately the photo credit was left out of the print version). A PDF with the magazine cover and the interview is online here and here (the second one is bound to be faster), the text only version is here and here for easier qouting.

[English] Keep smiling, waste spammers' time, an article about some useful things to do with spamd on OpenBSD. Appeared in BSD Magazine #1, March 2008. Reissued in slightly edited and updated form as the blog post Keep smiling, waste spammers' time on October 5, 2013.

[English] You've installed it. Now what? Packages!, an article about the OpenBSD package system. Appeared in BSD Magazine #2, June 2008. Reissued in slightly edited and updated form as the blog post You've installed it. Now what? Packages! on April 19, 2013.

[English] About Linux demigod Alan Cox' 2001 Bergen visit, which included the RFC1149 implementation [En beskrivelse av Alan Cox' opphold i Bergen april 2001 på engelsk. En kortere versjon på norsk ble trykt i Linuxmagasinet våren 2001.]

[English] Slides and almost complete notes for a talk I prepared about the RFC1149 implementation, almost five years after the event itself. Presented at the Adelaide Linux User Group and as a gap filler at AUUG 2005.

[English] This patch, which adds some more PF info to the FreeBSD Handbook's firewalls chapter, was commited to the FreeBSD documentation tree in June 2013. Any further work should be coordinated with the FreeBSD doc project, but I welcome comments.

[English] It seemed like an excellent idea at the time, so in October 2006 I wrote a draft for install documentation for the BSDStats system. This probably needs more work, but it's BSD licensed, so if you feel like it, please make yourself my co-author on this!

[English] A bizarre incident involving spam and incompetence during the 2006-2007 winter months is summarized here. These events occured while I was working on an early version of my BSDCan 2007 paper (available here (pdf)). [en bisarr episode der spam og inkompetanse er de viktigste komponentene, klikk på referansene for mer info.]

[English] Slides for a DocBook presentation, translated from the BLUG slides below just in case I would need them (and I was actively trying to push this to customers at the time)

[Norwegian] Lisenser: det handler om respekt, artikkel for Linuxmagasinet

[Norwegian] Stortingets dot-bom, kronikk i Klassekampen 11. juni 2003

[Norwegian] Båndtvang for datamaskiner? Liten artikkel trykt i Bok og Bibliotek nr 3, 2004. Thomas Gramstad redigerte sammen det mest fornuftige fra to innlegg jeg skrev på EFN-listen, og sendte det til Chris Erichsen, som mente dette var trykkbart.

[Norwegian] Norwegian authorities have put together a list of IP addresses they consider sources of kiddie porn. According to a recent news item, addresses on that list get approximately 15,000 hits per day from Norwegian Internet users. Are we a nation of child molesters? In Er naboen din en av femten tusen barnepornogriser?, ("Is your neighbor one of fifteen thousand kiddie porn swine?") I argue that there are other, more likely and less sinister explanations. Short version: what they're seeing is naive Microsoft users reading and probably deleting their spam.

[Norwegian] Foilene til DocBook-foredrag holdt for BLUG 30. mai 2002 (html, online) og som gzippet .tar-arkiv (sgml-kildekode, stylesheet, html).

[Norwegian] Et foredrag om brannmur med OpenBSDs PF, for BLUG 27. januar 2005:
Foilene som html fra Magicpoint, Manus som PDF (233 kB), Foilene i originalformat (Magicpoint), Foilene i Docbook tar.gz med kilde+generert) Disse filene er tatt vare på bare for arkivformål. Du finner nyere versjoner ved å følge referansen "PF Tutorial" til venstre. Materialet der er betydelig mer oppdatert, og hvis du foretrekker papirutgave, kan du godt kjøpe boken i bedre bokhandlere eller via referansen senere i avsnittet. [The 'PF sermon' in its original, raw form, in Norwegian. Here for hysterical raisins only; for practical purposes, use the "PF Tutorial" link instead or get the book. Seriously. There are good reasons why I've done a number of revisions.].

[Norwegian] rbl-episode-in-sticksville.txt og bonehead.txt er hjernedump til tekstfil av noen reelle hendelser jeg hadde tenkt å skrive mer om, men jeg kom bare ikke så langt. Litt fnisemateriale hvis du er geekete nok. [these two brain dumps to text file are notes from real events, at one time or other I thought it might be useful to develop those into articles, but I never got around to doing that. worth a few minutes if you're geeky enough and you read Norwegian.]

And of course, you will find traces of just how much time I've spent on USENET and mailing lists if you're all that interested. Here is one thread from just before the turn of the century to get you started ;) (yes, a slightly less permissive filtering setup was only minutes away).

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