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Email - Firewalling with PF / Brannmur med PF

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The most up to date published versions of the Firewalling with PF manuscript in various formats are available via the links below.
De mest oppdaterte utgitte versjonene av Brannmur med PF-manuskriptet i forskjellige formater er tilgjengelig via koblingene nedenfor.

Updated Firewalling with PF talk / Oppdatert Brannmur med PF-foredrag:

English - updated 09 February 2014 (minimal maintenance mode, please see the slides, the book (3rd edition) or for instant gratification, book 2nd edition or preferably the man pages for further info.
- full text, html, English
- full text, one html file, English
- Source (DocBook SGML, Makefile, etc)

- Up to date PF tutorial slides: BSDCan 2018 slides (slides for the June 7, 2016 tutorial, covers modern PF as well as pre- OpenBSD 4.7, up to date with OpenBSD 6.3. Also see The Book of PF for a fuller prose description. Expect updates for each event.

Use this link if you want the last version of the accumulated slides for previous tutorials.

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Norsk - oppdatert 25. september 2006, foreldet og jeg linker ikke til den. Filene fins, kontakt meg via epostadressen nedenfor om du er interessert i oppdatert utgave.

A shorter talk on PF, with a slant towards the up to date (OpenBSD 4.7/4.9 and newer) features are to be found here: PF, the OpenBSD Packet Filter, originally presented at the BSD-DK annual meeting in Copenhagen, August 18, 2010 and slightly updated for a presentation at the Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group meeting in Bergen, January 27, 2011.

Translated versions: The tutorial has been translated into various languages at various times, mainly based on the 'long html' version. If you want to do a translation, I strongly recommend that you grab the source archive and translate the SGML source instead, then build the various formats the same way I do. If you do it that way and tell me about your work, I will assist you in any way I can and link to your translated version from here.

The new, improved The Book of PF, third edition started shipping in October 2014. Get it here, direct from No Starch Press.


I revise and update the tutorial frequently, and I always do some sort of refresh for conferences and other appearances. The results will appear here, BSD-licensed, afterwards.

For occasional updates about my activities, check out

(*) News flash: On June 18th, 2014, the tutorial saw its two hundred thousandth unique visitor (as in unique host name or IP address) since moving to the new location during EuroBSDCon 2006.

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